About VIM

Our mission

The complete logistical unburdening of customers in the sectors fashion, sport and lifestyle.

Our core values

  • Personal attention
  • Unburdening
  • Pragmatic
  • Customised solutions
  • Global
  • From production to consumer

VIM is a full-service logistical service provider and fashion, sport and lifestyle sector specialist. VIM’s team unburdens suppliers and retailers. In this, establishing sustainable cooperative relationships with customers and partners is an important guiding principle. With VIM, your logistical operations are truly outsourced, while at the same time, we act as an extension of your company. Our service provision is well-aligned with the needs of your company. VIM provides customised solutions. It’s all about personal attention. At VIM, you’re not a number. Customer contact and operational guidance are always dealt with directly by VIM’s team. We offer a high-quality service, allowing you to keep your promises towards your customers. Thanks to our size and cooperative partnerships with strategically-selected partners, VIM is able to offer an excellent price-quality ratio.

VIM’s foundation was established in many years of logistical experience with the former logistical department of retail-service organisation Intres (Euretco). In 2012, VIM “organizer of supply chains” was launched as an independent company.

VIM is actively involved in various initiatives related to the bundling of traffic streams in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. These initiatives contribute to the reduction of the number of kilometres travelled, CO2 emissions and transportation costs. Herein, VIM cooperates, amongst other parties, with Greenway Logistics, sector organisations Modint, FGHS, CBM and logistical knowledge centres like TKI Dinalog and Connekt.

VIM has several own warehouses spread across multiple countries, from where various national and international customers are provided service. A total of more than 50.000 m2 of warehouse space is used (2018).

VIM Business brochure 2018


Because the emphasis of our deliveries from Sweden to the European mainland changed, we had the need for an outsourced logistics set up. We have opted for VIM. Apart from the good warehouse locations, good control of the processes and know-how, VIM knows how to think along in all parts and to offer solutions every time for the various new challenges. VIM also knows the body fashion industry very well, which immediately made the collaboration familiar and natural.

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