Corona measures VIM

Companies throughout the Netherlands are taking measures to prevent further spread of the corona virus. Of course, VIM also follows all the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) to keep the virus out. VIM does everything it can to keep its employees safe and healthy. At the same time, VIM strives to allow all business processes to continue as streamlined as possible.

To all employees at VIM applies: stay at home if you have cold-like systems, get tested, wash your hands frequently and keep distance. All the rules apply at all VIM locations. Social distancing signing has been applied everywhere, disinfection is available at many places, walking routes have been set up in the warehouses and in the office and office employees work from home as much as possible. VIM also works with visitor registration. Customers, drivers and other visitors are asked about their health status. Compliance with all rules is monitored.

Safety is extremely important to VIM, corona measures are widely supported by all employees, and that’s what VIM is proud of.

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Because the emphasis of our deliveries from Sweden to the European mainland changed, we had the need for an outsourced logistics set up. We have opted for VIM. Apart from the good warehouse locations, good control of the processes and know-how, VIM knows how to think along in all parts and to offer solutions every time for the various new challenges. VIM also knows the body fashion industry very well, which immediately made the collaboration familiar and natural.

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