VIM’s options for the timely and administratively correct importation of goods are manifold. Whether concerning sea-freight containers, air freight, railway, express or road transport, from a straightforward pallet to FTL, we are familiar with the entire spectrum.

This allows us to organise this important part well. Matters concerning customers, import duties, and direct global deliveries are safe with VIM. By working with warehouse solutions in China, amongst other places, VIM has an above-average understanding of the Asian side of transport.

VIM is AEO certified as of 2021. An AEO-certified company is considered reliable throughout the EU in the field of customs transactions and has privileges in the customs clearance of incoming and outgoing shipments. Having an AEO status means that procedures are efficient, transports have to meet fewer requirements and goods pass through customs more easily. For example, priority is given to checks. By having the AEO certification, VIM proves to be a reliable partner in the supply chain.