De mensen achter VIM - Warehouse

The people behind VIM

VIM’s power lies with the employees working for the company. Both the permanent and flexible employees are characterised by their commitment and enthusiasm. VIM is a tight-knit team. The involvement with customers is large; a real VIM-er never says no. VIM employees boast many years of logistical experience and knowledge of the fashion, sport and lifestyle sectors. In this, everybody is up to date with the latest developments. VIM continuously invests in the knowledge and development of its employees. From board members to warehouse employees, and from sea-freight specialists to forklift drivers, each and every day, VIM-ers do their utmost to make your business into a success.

VIM is our partner for our European warehouse and our warehouse for the British and Irish markets. From the first day we have experienced their pragmatic and flexible approach. The warehouse is very well organized, the employees are correct and dedicated. Our standard requirements are very high, but VIM is always there for us and does not disappoint us. No challenge is too ambitious for VIM. We hope that the cooperation will last for years.

A selection of our partners