VIM partnership with Westrom

To safeguard flexibility towards its customers (also in peak periods), VIM has embarked on a partnership with Westrom. Westrom will be responsible for part of the value-added service.

This partnership allows for certain working activities to be absorbed well, ensuring timely service towards customers. The professionality of the order guidance, the work situation, the required capacity and the quality of the working activities, are important reasons for setting up this partnership.

We’ve processed both our private labels and brand suppliers through VIM for years. Their flexibility, pragmatic approach and understanding of our own Intersport world make VIM into a perfect partner for us. Whatever we request, VIM always has a suitable solution, regularly surprising us in a positive way. There have been significant changes within Intersport, and this is only set to increase in the years to come. With VIM, we have a partner that has proven its capacity to change with us.

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