Warehouse VIMdscr nov 2018

VIM ready for new customers with the new warehouse

VIM, a full logistic serviceprovider, has expanded its warehouse capacity in Tegelen (The Netherlands) by 10000m². This, to enable her existing customers to grow and to answer to the growing market and customer demand.

The last period VIM has worked hard to establish this new location and as of today, the warehouse is operational.

The new warehouse is not far from the current VIM warehouse in Tegelen. They are even connected via a corridor, so that the VIM warehouses can work efficiently and cooperate effectively. By having invested in new storage racks, more m² and expanding in staff, VIM can deal more flexibly with the demand for warehousing.

The VIM warehouses are fully equipped to provide logistical solutions and complete service for the Fashion-, Sports- and Lifestyle section.

The VIM-team unburdens suppliers and retailers, in which committing to a sustainable cooperation with customers and partners is the most important starting point. At VIM your logistics is really outsourced.

Because the emphasis of our deliveries from Sweden to the European mainland changed, we had the need for an outsourced logistics set up. We have opted for VIM. Apart from the good warehouse locations, good control of the processes and know-how, VIM knows how to think along in all parts and to offer solutions every time for the various new challenges. VIM also knows the body fashion industry very well, which immediately made the collaboration familiar and natural.

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