International solutions VIM

International solutions

A particular speciality of VIM is its international orientation. VIM observes both international and intercontinental trade developing at a rapid pace – both B-to-B and B-to-C.

Many logistical service providers are national in terms of their setup and orientation, and the large global players in the field of transportation are very limited in their options. Although VIM has its roots in the north-west of Europe, it has developed itself into a globally-operating organisation. VIM’s service provision and culture are entirely set up for this.

In tangible terms, this means VIM is capable of adequately assisting its European customers in their global exports, and to provide customers from outside of Europe with a gateway into Europe.

Through partnerships with, amongst others, Greenway Logistics, VIM can assist customers in many more areas than simply logistical process. In this, its flexibility and pragmatism make it into an approachable partner for any international customer.