VIM has a number of warehouses in The Netherlands and in Great Britain and China, amongst other places. All these warehouses are set up for fashion, sport and lifestyle. This means that all occurring processes in these sectors can be processed there.

VIM works both with its own (3PL) and partner (4PL) warehouses, but VIM’s own employees are entirely responsible for the administrative guidance, IT and management for all locations. On top of this, VIM has flexible agreements with warehouses. This means that you aren’t stuck to fixed metres for periods spanning many years, but can scale your warehouse metres up or down in accordance with your needs.

The VIM Golden Floor Process is where we process your pre-ordered seasonal goods in receiving, storage and order operations. This operation of processing seasonal orders is also known as distribution of goods. But what sets it apart from regular processing methods?

First of all, these goods are pre-sold by our customers. So this means that when they arrive, they’re ready to go within a short period. No waiting. Goods from one or various manufacturers arrive at VIM. Our customers have indicated these goods to be processed with high Priority. VIM reserves capacity aligned with the delivery window of the customer. The customer has already shared their B2B orders with VIM. So VIM distributes the goods on the Golden Floor directly to the end-customer, or on agreed dates. Any remaining part of the seasonal goods is moved to a location specified by our customer. This can be bulk storage, pick & pack warehouse, or any location the customer wishes.