VIM cooperates with multiple (logistical) partners. Together with these partners, VIM is able to provide all imaginable support to its customers; not just in logistical terms, but also in value-added services, sourcing, procurement, customs-related matters and IT. Additionally, this setup allows VIM to offer its services across the globe. VIM has strategically selected these partners. All partners are well-aligned with VIM’s core values.

We have the following partners:

Sector partners

Because VIM is a specialist in the fields of sport, fashion and lifestyle, we have intensive partnerships with sector organisations, amongst which, Modint (fashion), FGHS (sport) and CBM (furniture).

Logistical partners

In logistical terms, VIM cooperates with different partners for the implementation of the logistical chain, and to adapt to developments. The most important partner is Greenway Logistics, with whom the partnership guarantees alignment with sector organisations and gives VIM access to all relevant innovations in the field of logistics.

Omnichannel partner

TailorFIT is VIM’s omnichannel partner. TailorFIT is the foremost omnichannel specialist in the fashion and sport sectors.

Knowledge partners

VIM is actively involved in projects in the field of knowledge and innovation. Within this context, VIM regularly cooperates with TKI Dinalog and Connekt, the two most important institutes within the Logistics Top Sector.

VIM has been responsible for our logistics for many years, and we are entirely satisfied with the service they have provided. Concerning Livera goods, wherever they arrive from and in whichever shape they are delivered, VIM ensures they are received, stored and delivered to our shops on time. VIM is also responsible for Livera’s outbound logistics for other brands. Fast, reliable and super flexible. This is the reason that VIM is the partner that will be supporting us in our future expansion.

A selection of our partners