Outbound VIM


For outgoing freight, VIM has a broad spectrum of options for global business and consumer destinations. From intricate package deliveries to express and freight deliveries, from one pallet to full truck loads, VIM can deliver anything, anywhere and at any given time.

Business destination

For business destinations, we are familiar with regular deliveries to shops and direct deliveries to distribution centres with slot times and alignment with recipients in advance. We deliver directly to the distribution centres of, amongst others, Action, Amazon, Argos, Carrefour, Galeria Kaufhof and Wehkamp. Value-added services (such as creating obligatory, supplementary, customer-specific labels) are part of our daily service provision. Our processes are set up in such a way that it is possible to “hold” deliveries, allowing for simultaneous, combined (seasonal) deliveries to retail.

Consumer destinations

Deliveries to consumers can be sent directly to home addresses or to package-pick-up locations around the world. If required, packages can also be sent as letterbox deliveries. Thanks to our value-added services options, it is possible to add marketing extras to give your deliveries to your customers a personal touch. These supplementary services are determined in consultation in advance. Additionally, Same Day Delivery is an option in the Netherlands.

Export deliveries

For destinations outside the European Union, we provide the option of preparing goods for customs or sending them directly from their country of production. Because VIM operates multiple warehouses in China, the options in this field are limitless.

VIM is AEO certified as of 2021. An AEO-certified company is considered reliable throughout the EU in the field of customs transactions and has privileges in the customs clearance of incoming and outgoing shipments. Having an AEO status means that procedures are efficient, transports have to meet fewer requirements and goods pass through customs more easily. For example, priority is given to checks. By having the AEO certification, VIM proves to be a reliable partner in the supply chain.

Track & Trace

Naturally, for both inbound and outbound transport, VIM makes use of modern Track & Trace solutions for all deliveries.


VIM is actively involved in several initiatives related to the bundling of traffic streams in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. These initiatives contribute to the reduction of the number of kilometres travelled, CO2 emissions and transportation costs. Herein, VIM cooperates, amongst others, with Greenway Logistics, sector organisations Modint, FGHS, CBM and logistical knowledge centres like TKI Dinalog and Connekt.