VIM expands warehouse capacity to meet rising International demand

This month, VIM officially opened the doors of a third warehouse in the Venlo region. Together with the expansion of one of its existing warehouses this year, VIM goes from 23.500 m² to a total warehouse capacity of almost 40.000 m² in Tegelen. In addition, VIM has some 12.500 m² at other locations in Limburg.

VIM has grown enormously in recent years. Not only to enable its current customers to grow further, but also to meet increasing demand from international customers, VIM has expanded its warehouse capacity again.

VIM is a one-stop-shop 3PL logistics service provider and specialist in the fashion and sports industry. VIM organises the entire (European and Global) logistics for brands, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers and can take care of everything in logistics between factory and consumer. VIM has its own warehouses with bonded warehouse facilities.

VIM’s strategic location offers, besides The Netherlands as a destination market, ample opportunities for reliable European and Global distribution for the fashion, sports & lifestyle industry. VIM helps international companies, planning to do business in Europe, with set-up and offers space and a full-service solution. With this expansion of warehousing capacity in Tegelen, VIM can respond to the increasing number of requests from international brands looking for European logistics and entering the European market.

Because the emphasis of our deliveries from Sweden to the European mainland changed, we had the need for an outsourced logistics set up. We have opted for VIM. Apart from the good warehouse locations, good control of the processes and know-how, VIM knows how to think along in all parts and to offer solutions every time for the various new challenges. VIM also knows the body fashion industry very well, which immediately made the collaboration familiar and natural.

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